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Banks and Money Exchange

Banks and Money Exchange

Open between 8.30 and 15.30 normally. In some banks one or more people can speak English or another foreign language, sometimes not. Most of the times you can change money in the banks (check the rates) and do some other basic things.

Money exchange
Changing money is possible in many places in Laos. In official money changing offices, in banks, in some shops, hotels, guesthouses and restaurants and sometimes on the streets as well (for examples at border crossings). A good thing is that scams with changing money are not common. Always be careful and count your money at the desk together with the person changing your money. In banks they usually change the following currencies to Lao Kip:

– USD Dollar
– Thai Baht
– Pound Sterling
– Australian Dollar
– Canadian Dollar
– Japanese Yen
– Swiss Franc
– Renminbi Yuan
– Singapore Dollar

Banks will most likely not change Kip to other currency but you can change them in other places. If you have some leftover Kip when you are back home you might contact us if it is possible to change it with us: info@travel2laos.org